Safety First Solution / Program


The Safety First solution is a combination of a hi-tech software application, combined with a complete training and ongoing support program by our experienced consultants, as well as a flexible occupational health and safety management plan. The solution is designed to offer a highly efficient and flexible set of tools that manages all aspects of your organization’s safety program.

Safety Manager lies at the very heart of the program by gathering, analysing and disseminating information throughout your organisation. The unique methodology uses trending to analyse incident reports and identifies workplace hazards allowing you to control them before they become injuries. All of our clients record significant drops in injuries, in some cases by as much as 90% in the first year.

The software enables you to easily manage, track and report on your safety metrics in a streamlined incident and regulatory reporting format, seamlessly complying with the AS/NZ 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. This can help drive continuous improvements across your organization.

Experienced Consultants are the key to the successful implementation of the Safety First Solution. Our trained consultants help you to significantly reduce the time it takes to implement your program effectively. They work with you to identify the priorities and assist you in developing and implementing a plan of practicable solutions. Your consultant will also help you access a wide variety of specialists that you may occasionally need to assist you to manage a specific risk. Please click here to review a list of our qualified consultants.

Training is critical to developing safety awareness and a safety culture within an organisation. Most training undertaken often bears no relation to how the organisation operates or how it relates to its specific risks. Safety First’s training is tailored specifically to your organisation and how you manage and control the risks identified in your operation. It is this consistency of message and application of the process that takes the safety culture in your organisation to a higher level.


Safety Manager is a highly flexible and capable solution that will meet your unique and specific business requirements. A base plan is initially provided, however you have the flexibility to adjust it for your own objectives. Whether you want to leverage the existing best practice application design or make modifications to forms, reports and workflows specific to your business needs, the system offers you this flexibility.

Some of the main features include: (these are suggested features we need to discuss and verify when meeting)

  • Standard and configurable reporting.
  • Standard and configurable forms and workflows.
  • Task management and notifications.
  • Dashboards and toolbars.
  • Exceptional levels of data security.
  • Configurable security for individual users or groups of users.
  • Culture functionality that comes built in with eight languages.
  • Complete mobile functionality and cross browser compatibility.


Easy Implementation and Self-Management
Turning your current paper documents into an AS/NZ 4801:2001 electronic compliant system with easy tools made available to manage it. By self-managing your own system, and using your consultant to guide you to your objectives, your costs of ongoing compliance and maintaining effectiveness are kept to a minimum.

Financial Incentives
Companies that use the Safety First Program often have access to additional incentives from insurers as well as State and Federal governments. These can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. By efficiently managing you WH&S, you will reduce injury related on-costs that research suggests can be four times the actual cost of the injury.

Proven Track Record
The Safety First Program has a successful track record in both reducing injuries as well as associated costs, and in changing workplace culture across a wide range of industries. The program will solve both short-term problems and entrench sustainable long-term change.


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