Health & Community Services


Total number of employees in Australia Incident rate of serious claims /1000 employees Overall industry incident rate / 1000 employees Median time lost /serious claim Median payment increase / serious claim
1,111,000 14.4 13.5 4.7 weeks $5,100

Health and Community Services Overview

The health and community services industry employees over one million people across Australia and in 2007/08 there were 16,015 serious claims made by workers arising from accidents in the industry.

This accounted for 12% of all serious claims equating to 44 serious claims per day and almost 14.4 serious claims per 1000 employees. Health and Community Services finished 2007/08 recording the eighth highest incidence rate of all industries.

Within the health and community services industry 47% of employees worked in hospitals and nursing homes, producing 57% of all serious claims. Community Care Services employs 17% of all staff and was responsible for 25% of all serious claims, representing the highest rate of serious claims at 20.9 per 1000 employees.

Medical and Dental services were the third largest employer group (14%) but the second lowest proportion of serious claims resulting in an incidence rate of 2.3 serious claims per 1000 employees.

The highest incidence rates for serious claims were lodged by Carers and Aids (33% of total employees), that includes; personal care and nursing assistants (22%) and nursing professionals occupation groups (18%).

The most common cause of claim in the health and community services sector was body stressing accounting for 53% of all serious claims. A more detailed analysis of the mechanisms shows 27% of claims were caused by muscular stress while handling objects other than lifting, carrying or putting down, 17% by muscular stress while lifting carrying or putting down and 14% by falls on the same level.

Serious claims for mental stress were much more noted in the medical and dental services (15%) and community care services (13%) with the average for the industry at 8%.

70% of all serious claims in health and community services were injury related, with sprains and strains causing 53% of all serious claims in the industry.

The agency most commonly associated with serious claims in this industry was other person, predominantly handling or lifting the person being cared for, accounting for 34%of serious claims. 56% of these claims being lodged by employees of hospitals and nursing homes and a further 28% or serious claims lodged by employees in community care services.

The incidence rate of serious claims dropped from 17.5 serious claims per 1000 employees in 2003 to 14.9 serious claims per 1000 employees in 2007; an improvement of about 15%.

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